Phaédo Studio, the artisanal Chinese label, was brought to life in 2014 by visionary designer Zhuzhu. Insisting on changing the global perception of China solely as a manufacturer, Zhuzhu adamantly showcases the creative potential of the region. Predominantly using organic fabrics such as silk and cotton, Phaédo subverts the usual textile properties expected from these fabrics and creates new and intriguing textures.

For Autumn/Winter 2019, Phaédo largely sticks to what it does best: elegant and light undershirts, loose and relaxed-fitting trousers and skirts, and regal coats perfect for colder climates. The tops this season feature signature extra long sleeves that flow delicately as the wearer moves, exuding femininity. Details like pleated balloon sleeves pay tribute to garments more commonly associated with the Victorian-era, bringing forward old-world aesthetics into the modern age. On the heavy overcoat and skirt, visible scar-stitch seams are a nod to traditional hand-done sewing techniques and provide an esoteric touch to the garment.