Last week, we had the honour to end our “New Light” exhibition with H.arts Collective which highlight various works from Yoshikawa Ryo and Zestro Leow.


The exhibition showcases various works from Yoshikawa Ryo and Zestro Leow, demonstrating expansive abilities as artists in line with our refined ethos of being the “House of Singularities”. Driven by the concept of bridging a gap between fashion, art and technology, we have curated a series of vibrant pieces with H.Arts collective that break the notorious ‘avant-garde’ archetype of being both monotonous and dark while redefining the new standards of L’armoire on our own terms.

As part of the event, guests were also introduced to a new designer that we have with us at L’armoire this Autumn Winter 2019, Tigran Avetisyan. His collection features framed tees, doubling as artworks, consists of the idea based on boundaries both physical and metaphysical.