Born in Munich to a German mother and Persian father, Boris Bidjan Saberi is no doubt a renowned name in the alternative fashion scene. Currently residing in Spain, Saberi launched his first clothing collection in 2007, a gothic display featuring primitive renditions of now-iconic staples. From there, Saberi continued to refine his designs, producing collection after collection of experimental, dystopian garments.

For his Autumn-Winter 2019 collection, aptly titled “ROOTS”, Saberi goes back in time to find inspiration from his paternal history; his father’s birthplace Iran and its occupation by the Mongolian dynasty. In this collection Saberi pays tribute to the nomadic shepherds and warriors of Mongolia, with oriental-style overshirts and sleeveless jackets layered over one another as a form of weather protection. Jackets resembling traditional Mongol armour sit prominently on the wearer and mould to the wearer’s form. Perhaps most striking are the choice of colours this season, with dazzling mint green and patina blue contrasting with the muted blacks, whites and greys. An homage to the worn copper plated armour of the Mongol army, Saberi experiments with copper oxidation to produce these brilliant shades.