L’armoire derives from the term ‘wardrobe’ in French, which essentially is designed to house our garments. With this, we believe in providing our customers with a myriad of carefully curated articles of clothing, bred from the creativity of designers all across the world.

L’armoire was established in 2015 as the vanguard of avant-garde fashion in the region, bringing forth both premium and progressive labels that would appeal to those looking for an unassuming yet personalized form of refinement.  

A pioneering platform for the fashion-conscious, cultivating the aestheticism of contemporary juxtaposed against avant-garde style, allowing both opposing forces to co-exist in a continuum.

L’armoire seeks to define and reinterpret individuality by interjecting experimental style elements around new wave fashion doctrines, ultimately conceiving a peripheral vision of style for each of our clientele.