In November last year, we held our second in-store exhibition with H.Arts Collective featuring the works of contemporary Japanese artist – Akio Ohmori. As part of our ongoing seasonal collaboration with H.Arts Collective, we proudly present to you our Spring/Summer 2019 exhibition titled “New Light”.

The exhibition showcases various works from Yoshikawa Ryo and Zestro Leow, demonstrating expansive abilities as artists in line with our refined ethos of being the “House of Singularities”. Driven by the concept of bridging a gap between fashion, art and technology, we have curated a series of vibrant pieces with H.Arts collective that break the notorious ‘avant-garde’ archetype of being both monotonous and dark while redefining the new standards of L’armoire on our own terms.

Across the interior walls, Ryo has presented a range of psychedelic coloured paintings in his signature Chiaroscuro (light-dark) style that are influenced by the dazzling sunlight of the Italian peninsula, including a 1-meter-wide piece titled “Scarlet Blur”. For the piece, Ryo was inspired by the beautiful subtleties and expressions revolving everyday life.

On the other side, Zestro exhibits his personal journey as an artist focusing on the theme of “Terraforming”. His use of colours, attention to detail and sculpting present cultural moments in his own artistic style. The sculptures Zestro creates also require specific taste, as they display the contrasting elements of both the simple and the complex.

Various other pieces sit within our refined space, showcasing Ryo’s and Zestro’s abilities as artists. Experience the Spring/Summer 2019 exhibition –– “New Light” in store.

Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road, #01-16
Singapore 238897