A Brief History on Marc LeBihan

Founded in 1994, Marc LeBihan is a French label that focuses on raw artisanal craftsmanship to create sensual, complex, and luxurious garments. Whilst working as a weaver of tapestries in Paris, Le Bihan developed an appreciation and eye for handmade craftsmanship, a characteristic evident in his collections.

The timelessness of Marc LeBihan pieces stems from the gradual evolution of design, rather than picking up on current trends. Signature garments like the Dancer’s Dress and Man Ray Suit are seen collection after collection, with slight variations to reflect the fluid nature of dressmaking.

Encapsulating a distinct old-world feel, Le Bihan finds inspiration from deconstructing and studying historic garments, unravelling vintage qualities and recreating them in the present day. Not restricted to any one time period, but instead retelling the past as a whole.

Marc LeBihan Spring Summer 2019

Jupe Stretch Danseuse

Desiring a silhouette that complements and adds variety to a vintage, aged wardrobe, the Jupe Stretch Danseuse skirt is a playful alternative to the familiar tulle skirt. Multiple translucent layers cloud around the legs, creating volume.

Marc LeBihan Spring Summer 2019

Robe Debardeur Twist Danseuse

While certain pieces are seen as signature, small changes are made to breathe new ideas into familiar silhouettes. With this dress, ribbing is added to the neckline, providing a modern alternative to the usual unstitched raw hem. The starkly contrasting dye treatment is yet another hint of modernity integrated into Marc LeBihan pieces.

Marc LeBihan Spring Summer 2019

Top Pince Croix Tulle Nylon

Delicate and daring, this layering top sits lightly on the body, accentuating femininity and sensuality. The layered construction adds depth to a relatively simple cut, with crossed seams in the front calling attention to detail.

Vestestretch Col Tailleur

A classic of Le Bihan’s repertoire, this jacket’s design harkens back to aristocratic days. Elegantly cut with slim shoulders and form-fit design, this piece is sophisticated and distinctively feminine, with contrast textured composition and raw hem finishes to add vintage detail.

Marc LeBihan Spring Summer 2019

Robe Pince Croix Fleurs Bicolore

Exploring garment layering and colour contrast, this dual-layered dress exhibits Le Bihan’s dressmaking talents, incorporating complex embroidery into nylon tulle and emphasizing elegance. The light purple inner slip dress provides a touch of colour and brings out the floral patterning.

Marc LeBihan Spring Summer 2019

Robe T-Shirt Twist Danseuse

Bringing a couture flair to a ready-to-wear collection, Marc LeBihan balances practicality and extravagance. The multi-layered tulle skirt exudes luxury without being overbearing, allowing day-to-day wear. The fabric is delicate to touch but not fragile, echoing Le Bihan’s design ethos of beautiful wearable clothing.