L’armoire x H.ARTS Collective AW19—SS20

In our latest installation of seasonal collaboration with art gallery H.ARTS Collective, we bring forth a series of curated artworks from Japanese artists such as Yoshitomo Nara, Takahashi Daisuke as well as Hidai Marehito.

Known for his artwork depicting children and animals that appear simultaneously sweet and sinister, Yoshitomo Nara explores themes of isolation, rebellion through printmaking, painting, sculpture, and installations. This season, we present in-store 2 of Nara’s artworks, namely Dizzy on Wheels (2002) and  A Bad Meeting (2002).

Alongside Yoshitomo Nara’s artworks, we have Daisuke Takahashi’s oil on canvas artworks— Takahashi experiments with layering vibrant coloured oil paint making textures on his canvases, building thick impasto creating paintings with a sense of depth. He smears and mixes the colours spontaneously, unrestrictedly allowing the colours to overlap to the edge of his canvas. Allowing the flat canvas to transform to a palette of vivid three-dimensional clash of colours.

Last but not least, we introduce Hidai Marehito— Born in 1921, Tokyo, Marehito’s art pieces are often identified by his individualistic point of view and spontaneous brush style. This 1960s piece, titled Work (Face), reminds us of the face of The Scream,1893 by Edvard Munch.

Discover and experience the artworks in person, from now in-store till the end of Q1 2020.