Two independent labels, both with an earnest respect for the materials they incorporate in their designs, are introducing themselves yet again as one single entity, constituted to challenging the development of dress codes. While the Japanese native, Takayoshi Yamanami of DETAJ focuses more on the reassessment of architectural beauty in relation to his design ethics, Uma Wang has long been adorned for her profound understanding of textiles. This eventually developed into a song of nuanced details where the ready-to-wear pieces carried virtues of modern blacksmithing techniques.

The designs, when observed in solitude, draws attention to the intricate welding techniques which Takayoshi has been incessantly known for. The influence of Uma Wang could be seen in its subdued monochromatic hues, along with the jewelry’s spatial composition when linked with its wearer — altogether creates an interesting contrast of volumes. The organic rhythm of texture from the ceramic-based jewelry is an ode to minimalist culture, carrying a versatile list of options to be worn with; timeless yet inexplicably relevant to our need for unconventional beauty.