Akio Ohmori x H.arts Collective Exhibition

Throughout history, Japanese art is well recognised for its diverse art forms ranging from Manga comics to traditional woodblock prints. Wood is regarded as their primary choice of material as it is commonly associated with prosperity and timelessness amongst Shinto beliefs. Over the years, we see a rise in contemporary Japanese artists such as Akio Ohmori, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami who are introducing a new face to the art industry.

This month, we announced our second collaboration at our store with H.Arts Collective presenting to you the carefully curated works of the contemporary Japanese Wood Carving Artist Akio Ohmori

Ohmori believes that wood and lacquer as a material express characters of honesty, diligence and wholeheartedness, reclaiming its Japanese roots. His work exudes functional beauty and timelessness, prominently seen in works such as the Rising Dragon and the Magpie series inside our store. These works are first carved on wood and then cast on to other materials such as bronze, lacquer and stainless steel.

The Princess Rabbit collection, made from bronze and silver by Ohmori in 2008, is also considered one of his most iconic pieces. This shoulder mount piece expresses itself as a prime example of high craftsmanship with a strong focus on texture and detail, with real gold embellishments on its crown.

“Reclaiming its Japanese roots. Ohmori’s work exudes functional beauty and timelessness”

The Jackalope of the Night is Ohmori’s take of the Mythical creature with regard to the social stigma or charm associated with the creature. This particular work showcases a Jackalope resonated in a night scene under the moonlight.  

Akio Ohmori x H.arts collective exhibition-4

Up next,  we have the more recent Bloodsucker Nights and Eagle’s hearts made in 2014 from bronze and iron.  The use of mythical motifs in Ohmori’s works such as the Devil-Angel Torsos reflect ideas of spirituality, contrast and mystery. The organic finish and texture make this sculpture timeless by nature. 

Lastly, we have the Tarantulas with its lighted thorax that exhibit high attention to detail.

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